The Trendy Sparrow: Outfit Share: Chambray + Neon Pink Skirt

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Outfit Share: Chambray + Neon Pink Skirt

I'm a sucker for a good skirt. I really am. I like the way they move and twirl! How girly, right? It makes perfect sense that I would fall deeply in love with this bright pink skirt from ASOS! It's so ridiculously comfortable and is made of scuba suit material (woah...crazy!) I wanted to pair it with something feminine and sophisticated, but would still be comfortable for a day filled of crafting. Hmm, what would do that? chambray shirt of course! I threw on a bow belt from Kate Spade and cute little leopard print flats and fell in love. My friend Katie told me I look like a modern day Disney princess that has her own company and drinks lots of Starbucks. I think it suits me! And I was very flattered! I can't wait to pair this fabulous skirt with lots of other pieces!

On a side note, hydrangeas are my favorite flower. The park next to my apartment has massive amounts of hydrangeas growing and I just had to make sure my photos were taken in front of them. Aren't they pretty?? 

Chambray Top // J. Crew 
Skirt // ASOS
Belt // Kate Spade
Handbag // Kate Spade
Flats // Target

Thanks for reading, dolls! Come back for more!

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