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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

One of my favorite wedding trends is mismatching bridesmaid dresses. When bridesmaids all wear different dresses, it allows each bridesmaid to show a little bit of her personality while also dressing to their body type. The age old groaning and moaning of bridesmaids' concerning the ugliness of their dress is over! Now with the mismatched dresses bridesmaids can pick out their down dress based on a predetermined color scheme and style while also loving what they are wearing! Win-win, right? Plus my favorite aspect of it is that the girls get to dress to their body type. Chances are your friends come in all shapes and why should their dress only come in one? The reality is the same dress is not going to look great on every single bridesmaid so why not give them the opportunity to find one that is going to look flattering and make them feel insanely beautiful? The solution? Mismatched dresses! 

The downside of mismatching anything is that it can quickly turn disastrous. The key to pulling off mismatched dresses is to pick a predetermined color scheme and dress type (i.e. short, long, lace, etc.). As long as the dresses look like they come from the same "story", they will look fantastic! Below I've complied a collection of my favorite mismatched bridesmaids dresses. Which is your favorite?

1. Shades of pink with lace details (Photo credit: Wedding Chicks)

2. Short dresses in shades of turquoise (Photo credit: Green Wedding Shoes)

3. Short shades of nude with feminine lace and tulle accents (Photo credit: RockNRoll Bride)

4. Long strapless shades of coral light on the outside to dark on the inside creating an ombre effect (Photo credit: AnaivanPhoto)

5. Long dresses in pastel colors with the maid of honor in a different color (Photo credit: unknown)

6. Short shades of red and pink. Fantastic for a Valentine's wedding! (Photo credit: unknown)

7. Short dresses in multiple colors with the maid of honor in the brightest dress (Photo credit: The Copen Haven)

8. Mismatched little black dresses. So chic and classic! (Photo credit: Belle The Magazine)

9. Bright yellow and white in different cuts and patterns (Photo credit: Wedding Chicks)

10. Different patterns in the same color scheme. This one is my favorite! (Photo credit: Green Wedding Shoes)

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