The Trendy Sparrow: Pink Rainboots + Polka Dots

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pink Rainboots + Polka Dots

I've been just in love with these rain boots for months now. I finally bought them one week when it was raining nonstop in Chicago. Of course, as soon as they arrived in the didn't rain for over a month. Normally, I'm perfectly okay with non-rainy weather, but I really really wanted a chance to wear my boots! It finally rained yesterday! I love this navy and pink preppy outfit I put together to go with my new boots. I think the rest of the outfit really did the boots justice. Besides, anything with polka dots always makes me smile!

Blazer // Gap; Similar here
Polka Dot Button Up // Banana Republic; Similar here
Jeans // American Eagle
Rain boots // Hunter Rain Boots

Thanks for reading, dolls! Come back for more!


  1. Love your pink Hunters! They look adorable on you, they make for so many cute outfit ideas!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm so excited to get to try them with lots of new preppy looks!

    2. A pink and green or pink and white color pallet would be cute! Like the pink hunters, jeans, white top and a pink blazer :)

    3. Oh absolutely! That would be really cute! I have a pretty white floral top I want to try with them next :)

    4. Well i cant wait to see how it looks! So many options with these boots, its why i have 4 pairs and expect to add more as i go. Btw do not be ashamed to wear them in non rainy situations. I treat my black ones like regular boots and get compliments year round as a guy even. Youll definitely look great in like a summer dress.