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Monday, March 3, 2014

Diy: How to revamp a photo hanger

Today's blog post is about a store bought photo hanger that I revamped and customized to fit the look of my new apartment. 

Step 1: I started off with a photo hanger that I got really cheap for sale at Hobby Lobby for about $11. It's cute and has that vintage look that I really like, but it just didn't go with the look/color scheme of my apartment.

Step 2: I took a small brush and paint I had left over from painting an accent wall to start gently painting over the original colors. (HINT: Don't throw out leftover paint! You can always find other projects to use your leftover paint on. I used only leftover paint for this project so it didn't cost me anything extra and I know that it matches the rest of my color scheme perfectly! 

Step 3: Just let it dry and repeat step 2 as needed. I just laid down a large piece of cardboard under the photo hanger when painting (just in case of spills).

Step 4: Hang it up! 

Step 5: Add the photos! :) I chose B&W photos because they went better with my color scheme and vintage vibe. 

Thanks for reading, dolls! Come back for more!

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